Arthur Henry Hapgood of Lymington

Arthur Henry Hapgood was born in Lymington in 1875, the son of Arthur and Ellen Hapgood. He married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Maud Elgar. The date and place of the wedding are unknown though it seems likely that it took place in Lymington as the Elgars were also a Lymington family. Lizzie Maud's parents, Samuel and Mary Elgar, are buried in the churchyard at Lymington Parish Church. Their grave is located just above that of Elizabeth and Albert Hapgood (Hapgood grave 7 on the churchyard map). There is no evidence that Arthur and Lizzie had any children.

Lizzie Maud died in 1937 and Arthur Henry followed in 1951. They are both buried in the civil cemetary at Lymington.


On his father's death in 1898 Arthur Henry took over the ironmongers business at 112 High Street, Lymington. After his death in 1951 the business passed out of family hands but continued to trade as Hapgoods until the 1980s.

The 1935 edition of Kelly's Directory also shows Arthur Henry as a hot water fitter. It is possible that he took this business from his uncle Robert on the latter's death in 1915.

Check obituary from Lymington Times.

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