Lymington fruiterer business operated by Hapgood family

James and Ann Hapgood and their daughter, Mary Ann, operated a fruiterer business in Lymington during the early part of the nineteenth century. This is evidenced by various entries in trade directories as shown in the table below. It appears that the business was initially run in parallel with their carrier business. This seems a sound combination as their carrier services would have brought the fruit into Lymington and thus they would have been able to ensure reliable delivery. This is important for persishable goods like fruit - and would have been even more so in that era before the advent of reliable refridgeration.

Pigot's Hampshire1823/24Shows Jas. Hapgood as a fruiterer in Lymington. Also shows the carrier business.
Kelly1848Shows Mrs Ann Hapgood of High Street as a fruiterer and carrier.
Hunt1852Shows Ann Hapgood of High Street as a fruiterer.
Kelly1859Shows Mary Ann Hapgood (Miss) of High Street as a fruiterer.
Kelly1867No reference

From this we can conclude that the business was at first run by James and then, after his death in 1834, by Ann. During this period the fruiterer business was operated in parallel with the carrier business. Following Ann's death in 1851, the fruiterer business was continued by her daughter Mary Ann, but the carrier business appears to have ended. It appears that Mary Ann had ceased trading as a fruiterer by 1867. It is likely that she had retired from the business as she would have been 70 years old at that time. [Check occupation on her death certificate.]

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