Edward Hapgood

Edward Hapgood was born in Lymington on 22 December 1863. He never married.

Edward died in Lymington on 4 November 1950 at his home at 19 High Street. He was buried in the churchyard of St Thomas, Lymington. This was an unusual event at the time because the churchyard was almost full and most burials were then located at the Lymington Civil Cemetary.

An obituary of Edward was published in the local newspaper, the Lymington Times, issue dated ?.


Edward was Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Lymington district from 1887 until his retirement in 1932. He succeeded to this position when his father Henry retired. Between the two of them, they filled this position for some 95 years.


Thoughts for future research

Edward's obituary in the Lymington Times makes reference to a chest of documents of historical interest.

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