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This is the home page for my family history work. This is a long-standing personal interest which I have pursued intermittently for over 30 years. During that time I've accumulated a lot of relevant information and images. I thought it would be useful to consolidate this information into a set of web pages for a variety of reasons:

Family history is a continuing, never-finished, interest. So these pages are in a permanent state of construction (as are most good web sites). You may therefore find the abbreviations TBD (to be done) and TBC (to be confirmed) scattered around the text as well as sentences to remind me to add something when I have time.

The material on these web pages may be freely copied and reproduced for non-commercial studies of family history (see copyright statement). Comments on the content of the site are most welcome. Please contact me via email to mike.hapgood@btinternet.com.

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Using the web pages. Each page has a small logo Hapgood family history small logo near the end. Clicking on this will return you to this home page.


I have collected the material presented on these web pages through a wide variety of activities since the mid-1970s including searches of national and local archives, visits to churchs, cemeteries and other sites connected with family history and, of course, much help from relatives and other people who know something of the family history. My thanks to all those who have helped me.

Copyright and other stuff

These web pages were written by Mike Hapgood and are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence . This allows you to copy and adapt material from these web pages for non-commercial purposes - subject to acknowlegement of the source and application of identical licence conditions to your own work.

Family history involves a search for sometimes obscure facts and relies fundamentally on the accuracy of historical records. Thus, while reasonable efforts have been made to check the basic facts presented on these pages, no responsibility can be accepted for their accuracy. These pages also include much interpretation of the basic facts. That interpretation represents only the views of Mike Hapgood.

The moral right of Mike Hapgood to be identified as the author of these web pages is asserted.

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